Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring in My Yard

I wonder if we're the only ones with a grass problem.  A few weeks ago it looked like we wouldn't have any grass.  Todd seeded and put straw down and the new grass is coming up.    Our flowers are loving the wet cool spring.  Here are a few shots of what is blooming now.

                                              This is a common old fashion lavender iris.


                                                            Yellow-Green Ground Cover
                                                            Lavender in the foreground.

This is a beautiful plant called False Indigo.  It's a perennial and only blooms a few weeks but it has a beautiful foliage that is great for floral arrangements.

This is another shot of the False Indigo.   It forms pods in the fall and if you leave them on until they dry you will have seeds.

                                Todd's lettuce garden: Red Leaf, Romaine, Bib, Kale and Spinach.

                                            Todd's Strawberry plants.  They are blooming!

It's a little Crepe Myrtle.  Very popular in Texas and the deep dry south.  I will be trimming off all the green at the bottom so it will look like a little tree.  That's how they do it in Texas.  There are some crepe myrtle's here but they are all over Dallas.  I mulched it well in the fall.  They can freeze out here but if they don't it's a beautiful plant.

More iris and my favorite evergreen.  It's called an Hanoki False Cypress.  It has an irregular shape and that suits me fine.  I never want my garden to look formal.  I don't like shrubs that are balls and boxes. I like a more natural look.   I do have some boxwoods that are totally out of control that were supposed to be dwarf and not grow more than two feet and they are now over three feet.  I thought they were slow growers.    Soon it will be time to plant the annuals and bring more color to the yard.  Get outside and play in the dirt, you'll have a beautiful reward to come. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring in Wilmore

I love Spring.  I enjoy green grass and beautiful spring flowers and the gradual warm up.  The trees are all budding out and soon it will be hot as blazes here in Kentucky.  So for now I am enjoying a cool and yes rainy spring.  OK, we have had enough rain.  Last week I took some pictures of the blooming trees downtown Wilmore.  I think they are ornamental flowering cherry.  Right now it is raining pink cherry blossoms but here as well as regular rain.  Here is a look back.