Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Kitchen Before and After

 Here is the before:  We started a year before ripping out the ceiling plaster during spring and summer breaks.  We began the wall demolition in May and the kitchen was finished by the 4th of July.
         The first eight pictures are what we did on spring break.  The rest began in May.
Todd and I did all the demolition except the floor

Here are the pictures of our finished kitchen.  We are really enjoying it and never realized how dark our old kitchen was.  We had one over head fluorescent light!  Now Todd calls the kitchen little Vegas.  Many of the lights are LED and we are replacing the others a little at a time.  The paint color is Benjamin More Valentine 1330.  The photos don't do the color justice.  It's really a  flag red.
The cabinets were made by the Amish and the counter tops are from Lowes.  Sink, faucets and lighting was bought at  The island was an old store fixture that belonged to Todd's mom.  We had shelves and a new top built for it. We have a new back door and floor and all the construction was done by Miles Moores.  We highly recommend him and his crew.  We also recommend Mark's Electric.
Before you take on a project like this remember this:  it will cost more than you plan and it will take longer than you think it will.   In an old house every job causes 10 jobs!  Is it worth it?  Yes!