Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Laura and John's Wedding

From the moment John and Laura were engaged she knew she wanted to get married in Ryland, the home of John's parents.  Ryland Heights is in northern Kentucky and at one time was the summer home of the wealthy families of Cincinnati.  They would ride the train to Ryland (more on the train later) where they had summer cottages.  Some of the cottages are still there as well as a golf course and 7 lakes.  It's sits down in a valley and consists of 500 acres and 50 or so homes.  Laura loved the setting and the beautiful trees and lakes.  John's parents graciously allowed us to have the wedding there.  We all tried to tell Laura that August in Kentucky is very hot and humid but she reminded us, not as hot as Texas.  Dallas had over 30 days in a row of 100+ degrees this summer.  All the rain we had this summer kept Ryland green and lush and it was a beautiful setting.   The only issue was the train.  The train went through the site at the rehearsal but no one thought a thing about it.  So it was funny that the train arrived just as Todd and Laura reached John.  It was a short pause and something I'm sure they will never forget.   It was a little warm but the reception was inside so everything went well.

  The pictures I'm posting were done by Scott and Valorie Walz.  Studio Walz has been our photographer since 1998 when Sarah was a senior in High School.  Scott did her senior pictures, our 25th wedding anniversary, Sarah's wedding, Larua's senior pictures, Marylee's senior pictures and now Laura's wedding.  Scott makes every picture he takes and I believe he is the only photographer in Lexington that does that.  You can check out their work at    If you have done youth salute you need to check out Studio Walz.  I promise you there is no comparison.   Scott and Valorie are the best!  Have a look.  This is about 15% of the pictures that were taken.  How will we ever choose?


  1. My favorite shot is picture #84 (ish) (John, Aly, Brook) -- FANTASTIC! Christy Stucker (John's sister)

  2. I love that shot too. How did he jump that high? Had you heard of Studio Walz? Thanks for looking.:)