Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Salt and Pepper Counter Top

I thought I wanted a solid surface counter top but after much discussion with the kitchen designer at Lowes, Kenna Routt, we decided on the granite.  Lowes has 7 or 8 to choose from at an installed price and sometimes they even have 18 months same as cash.  You go to the granite place and pick out the slab.  That was interesting.   So, today was the install day for the counter top.  Kenna came over to watch and was a big help in the decision of faucet placement, and she also told us we needed a hole cut for an air duct for the dishwasher.   I  highly recommend her services at Lowes.  She helped me choose a dishwasher and microwave and kept me up to date when it came in and they held it for me at Lowes until I needed it.  Here are some pictures of the counter top.  Lowes granite features a 15 year sealer so no worries for quite a while.

Kenna has a degree in interior design and will be glad to help you plan your kitchen.


  1. Just beautiful! It looks like a magazine!

  2. Thanks Jill. Never thought I'd say this but I can wash dishes tomorrow!