Sunday, June 12, 2011

A New Business in town.

Kari Evely has just returned home from a year in Ameri-Corp where she learned all kinds of carpentry skills, helped tornado victims and blessed people whereever she went.   She has now started her own finish carpentry business.   She rebuilt the top of an antique store fixture for us and added shelving to it.
Soon she will be adding base boards in our bathroom.   If you need something done around the house call Kari.  She will do what she says and is a very pleasant person.  Come on ladies give her a try. 
Kari Evely  859-227-1780.  Tell her Linda sent you.

Miles and his crew installed our new back door last week and it is beautiful.  It is energy efficient and you don't have to slam it to shut it.  The trim isn't up yet but have a look:

   Notice the new floor.  Pine floor sanded by Todd.  Stained and poly by me.    Colonial Pine stain.

The cabinets will be installed on Tuesday and the countertop people will make a template on Wednesday  and the coutertop will be installed next Monday.  This means no kitchen sink for a week.   The end is in sight and we can do it.

It was a busy week and ended with a surprise birthday party for my mom's 80th birthday.  She  was surprised and I think everyone had a good time.  The weather was wonderful.  We love the downtown Pavillion.  It's a great place for a party.


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