Thursday, June 23, 2011


My maternal Grandmother did not have running water or a bathroom until she was in her 70's.  For the last week and a half we have only had running water for cooking, washing and drinking from our shower.  In the spirit of my Grandma who I never heard complain,  I won't complain either.  I am however very grateful and I have a new appreciation for my Grandma.

Today the kitchen and bathroom faucets were installed and the dishwasher too!  We can use real plates now!  There was a hitch with the bathroom vessel sink.  I got a great deal on it at Lowes but I should have gone on line and looked at the reviews.  They all said there is no drain that will work with this sink.  The plumber tried everything but it would not stop leaking so I ordered a sink and the plumber will be back again.   In the meantime we have a vessel dishpan.  I'll think of Grandma as I use it.

 We had our first meal in the new kitchen today and I was able to utilized the island, the sink and the stove.  I kept walking to the living room to go to the fridge but hopefully it won't take too long to retrain myself.

Turning in early tonight.  I'm tired.

                                               Got this sink and faucet at
                   Kenna ordered the Maytag Dishwasher and held it at Lowes for me until I needed it.
                                                           Ordered this faucet on line too.
                                                             Dishpan vessel sink.

                                                    Todd enjoying the kitchen table.
 Former shop counter, now our island.  Top made by Kari Evely, stained and finished by Todd.
                                                        The fridge is in the kitchen now.

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