Saturday, July 16, 2011

Parties, Parties, Parties

Now that the renovation is almost done I thought I would reflect on some fun times we've had over the last few weeks.  We met the kids in Georgetown for lunch on Father's Day.  We are enjoying the times we can get together with all the kids and as Laura and John move back to Dallas in August those times will be fewer and far between.

                                                                John and Laura
                                                                       Sarah and Bryan

Then came Todd's 60th birthday.  With the kitchen still in the works we met at Red Lobster for a nice meal.  I brought cherry pies and we had a great time.

                                                               Marylee and Todd
                                                                 Jill, Todd and Bob
                                                                John, Todd and Laura
                                                               Vicki, Todd and Dick
                                                              Marlene and Todd
                                                                 Sarah and Todd

                                                                      Todd and Bryan                                                          
                                                          Doug, Todd and Richard
                                                              John, Laura and Todd
                                                                   Bryan and Todd

Then next came the 4th of July at our house and our kitchen was ready!  Well, there is still 2nd coats on woodwork to do and a few minor things but we had a wonderful time.

                                     Marylee and her special 4th of July creation.

                                                          Wilmore 4th of July Parade

                                                           Laura, John and Zuzu
                                                            Sarah, Bryan and Sadie
                                                            Jennifer and Paul
                                                              Marlene and Valorie
                                                   Todd and his "Smokin" lawnmower            
                              The famous Wilmore Lawnmower Brigade
                                                               He's still smokin!
                                                           "Smokin" some more
                                                  Is he doing that on purpose?
                                                            Phil and Todd
                                           Sarah, Bryan, Valorie and Scott
                                                John, Laura, Yoonie and Paul
                                                              Gayle at the pie counter.
                                                             Jennifer, Paul, Jenny, Jimmy, and Cassie

                                                           Johanna and Phil

Are you starting to think that everything we do revolves around food?  Yes, food, family, friends, holidays, special days and much happiness.      We are blessed!


  1. Awesome pics and all yummy food, especially my trifle. hehe ;) More fun times to come!

  2. Oh Linda - wonderful pictures. I can't believe how your family has grown! : ) Also fun to see that the lawnmower brigade is still up and running. I believe that we were there when the first ever brigade made its appearance. Fun, fun memories!

  3. Hi Anita,

    I always think the ame thing. I never think other people's kids should be grown either. Todd is out of contron on the lawn mower brigade. He's been in it since it started and he loves it. This year we actually had a cool breezy day. It was wonderful.