Friday, March 4, 2011

Booth 25 Has Moved

Okay call me crazy but I switched booths at Twice As Nice.  Yes, after having Todd and friends help do drywall and me painting and stenciling I moved.

Two days ago while I was at Twice AS Nice I noticed a booth open on the second row that had a mirror column in it.  I need that for the pashmina scarves.   I love the second row.  Most of my favorite booths are on the second row, but truth be told I love this place.  It is a treasure trove of almost anything you could want.  Anyway,  I talked with the owner and it seems that the people that were to get that booth didn't want it because of the mirror column.   Eureka!   Hope they like my drywall and stenciling.   She said I could switch and the next day my very helpful friend Jill,  my wonderful daughter Marylee and I moved everything from row five to row two.  Whew, and in record time I might add.  So here are some pictures of the new booth.  No pretty walls or stenciling but I love it. Hope you do too.  Twice As Nice is open M-F 11-8, Sat 11-6 and Sun 1-5.  Check it out.  You'll have a great time!


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  2. Hey Linda! We've been meaning to come by and say hi but school work is pretty merciless.

    I am glad you got a booth at Twice As Nice. It is my favorite shopping place indeed. I will spend at least an hour in there every time I step in. : )

    Hope to see you soon!