Monday, January 17, 2011

Looking back with Thankfulness and Forward with Hope

A lot happened in 2010 to be thankful for. New Year's Eve 2009, our daughter Sarah and son in law Bryan had their first child, Sadie Christine and our first grandchild on our 34th wedding anniversary. That event alone has made this year very exciting and a great big blessing. We get to see them about once a month and Sadie changes so much each time we see her that it’s always special.

Sarah turned 30 in July and we all enjoyed the celebration of that event. Time seems to be moving at warp speed. How could Sarah be thirty. To me she looks just like she did in high school.

Marylee moved into a house with 4 other girls in August and has now moved back home. She had early classes and the other girls are up all hours so we are glad to have her back home even if it’s a short time. She performed at Singletary this fall in a recital of Dr. Voro’s students. She has really grown as a pianist. I love to hear her play.

Laura got engaged in August to John Allnutt. They met at UK and he is a percussion education major working on his masters at SMU. Laura is also a student at SMU and may work toward a masters in theory. We are very happy about this upcoming wedding in August.

Todd and I plug along in our jobs and have managed to stay pretty healthy. The older I get the more thankful I am for my health. December 31rst was our 35 wedding anniversary. We celebrated Sadie's first birthday in the afternoon and then had a lovely dinner out with our girls, Bryan and John. I’m thankful for our life together and the family we have together. We are blessed. We have so many good friends.

(Marlene, Vicki, and Stephanie)


(John and Laura)

(Bob and Jill)

(Dick and vicki)

Now as I think of other things I’m thankful for many things come to mind. We are blessed to hear good messages at Southland Christian Church and love the Dollar Club and other ministries there. We are thankful for our home even if it is a money pit and hope to make some progress on the kitchen redo this year. I’m thankful for staying in touch with cousins and others on Facebook. I never planned to do it but find it’s a great way to keep up with my cousins.
I love seeing what they are doing and every once in a while sending a message.

As a woman I’m especially thankful for my girl friends. We all need them and God has given me the best of friends. In order of how long I’ve known them: Marlene, Laura, Vicki, Stephanie, Charlotte, Johanna and Jill. You all are the best. Thank you all for being there for me and teaching me so much about life, faith, and grace. I love you all.

I have so much to be thankful for. There is much more. As I wait to see what direction to take now that The Front Room is no longer open how can I not be hopeful about the future. God is good. He is faithful.