Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tips on Gift Giving

We’ve all been there, agonizing over what to buy someone. Here are some ideas:
  1. 1. Really think about the person you are buying for.  What colors do they like?  What style is there home?  Traditional? Modern?  Country?  What fashion sense do they have?  Conservative?  Trendy?  Hip?  Many times we buy things we like, and that’s great if the person you are buying for has the same tastes,  but remember this is not a gift for you. 
  2. 2.    When you are with the person listen to things they may say that they like.  Make and mental note and when you can, write it down.   Nothing says you care like finding something the person has been wanting or has mentioned they like.  Be careful here,  I once mentioned that I liked the blue and white dishes at Cracker Barrel and I received them for gifts for several years.  Another time my friend bought me a dish in the same style as my Grandma’s dish that she made blackberry cobbler.  I had been looking for one.  She remembered that and found one.  How sweet is that.  
  3. 3.  Does this person collect anything?  Is he or she in a club or a fan of  a team.  If you know they are a die hard fan of the Wildcats, head straight for Wildcat Warehouse.  Many collections have been started by someone giving  a special item and the person starts a collection (like my blue and white dishes).   
  4. 4.  I know in these strained economic times that it’s hard to buy ahead, but if you can think ahead and purchase items when you come across something  you will save money in the long run and not be scrambling at the last minute.    
  5. 5. Stay in your budget.  It really is the thought that counts.  When the gift is given with love they will know.

So to recap 1. Think about the person.  2. Listen for clues about their likes and dislikes.  3. Collections or team fan.  4.  Buy ahead if you can.  5.  Don’t buy something you can’t afford.  Give with love.  


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