Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our Vent Free Fireplace

For years we have wanted to either fix our chimney so we could use a wood stove or real fireplace but when you live in an old house safety is a big issue.  This year we decided our Christmas and Anniversary present to one another would be a vent free fireplace.

We got some recommendations and looked around different places for the vent free logs.  Our house was built in 1914 so we have very small narrow fireplaces.   We decided on an 18 inch set from Lowes with a remote.  The remote added $75 to the price but oh is it worth it in the long run.

The man who installed it works for the gas company so we thought he should know what he is doing.

I don't have before pictures but Todd had to level out the base with concrete and then patch gaps in the bricks and then paint with a special fireplace paint (available at Nicholasville Paint- my favorite paint store)

Then the chimney had to be sealed off.  They placed a piece of steel to fit the opening and then screwed it in place.  They painted it.   Then the logs were installed and we have enjoyed it so much this sold snowy winter.  Old houses are cold and drafty and cost a fortune to heat and cool so the vent free logs have kept our living room nice and toasty and since we spent most of our free time in there we could cut the furnace back.   The bills are high in the winter, but they are always high and this winter has been so cold it's hard to compare but it's been worth every penny.  If the electric goes out our logs will work and keep this one room warm so we are very happy about that.

Logs, prep and installation worked out to about $700.  Larger logs would cost more.  We already had gas in the house so they tapped into the line we have.   If you can do some of it yourself you'll save money.  We feel like we already have our money's worth.

One note in case you didn't know.  You cannot interrupt the flame in vent free logs.  This would cause the release of monoxide so they are just to look at and feel the warmth from.

Have a look:

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