Friday, January 21, 2011

Brenda Bakes

Maybe I shouldn't post a story about a cookie when my last post was about my friend's heart attack but here goes anyway.....  My friend Brenda has started her own business making wonderful homemade baked items.  Her Facebook page is Brenda Bakes.  Every week she has a special and this week it was 24 chocolate chip cookies filled with Chocolate Ganache.  They were $10.00 and she delivers free in Wilmore.  The picture above is the presentation.  Nice brown box wrapped with raffia.

Think of this as a chocolate chip cookie round boat, perfectly baked and really tasty then think of the most delicious creamy chocolate filling you have ever had, and there you have it , my new favorite cookie!  They are so rich and wonderful.   I like baking once in a while but it is so nice to buy something that is homemade and it taste great.  Treat yourself and your family to something wonderful at Brenda Bakes.

                                   That's all folks!!!!!

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  1. Hey... save some for me. Pleaseeeeeeeeee