Friday, January 14, 2011

Who thought up dropped ceilings?

For 15 years we have lived with an ugly dropped ceiling in our kitchen.  Bigger projects always seemed more important.   This summer Todd and I tore down the dropped ceiling only to find a mess above.

Why did people ever install  dropped ceilings?  My guess is it was to save on the heating bills or cover up a mess they didn’t want to fix.  Dropped ceilings can either have 2x2 foot tiles or 2x4 foot tiles .  Ours had the later.  

The mess above was broken plaster and lathing.  I don’t think I’ve ever been dirtier.  It took three days to get the kitchen usable again.  So the surprise above was that after the plaster and lathing was down we were looking at the inside of the roof in half the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom floor on the other half.  So we decide we would place 1x4 inch boards above the beams and then try to match the finish of the bottom of the bathroom floor and have a rustic look.   This redo is going to take a long time.  Living with a mess is still worth taking down that dropped ceiling.  Someday it will be done.  

These work days have a way of trying your  patience.  I don’t think any couple married under 25 years should even consider it. :) 

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