Friday, February 25, 2011

Pick Any Three Cards at My Favortie Paint Store

I'd like to recommend a store I love as you think about getting carpets cleaned, painting a room or two, putting down a new floor or refinishing a piece of furniture.  Nicholasville Paint can help you with all of that.  I've been shopping with them for twenty years, first as Hendren's and then Nicholasville Paint on Main in Nicholasville and now on the bypass Nicholasville Paint has service, price and my favorite Benjamin Moore Paint.  This is the only store in Jessamine County that carries Benjamin Moore.

I've used almost every paint and I love Benjamin Moore.  They have several grades but get the best one. You really do get what you pay for in paint.  The paint looks like sour cream in the can.  It goes on like a dream.  They also have many finishes to choose from:  flat, eggshell, pearl, semi-gloss and gloss.  The pearl is very unique.  It is not shiny but it is very durable, so if you have children this is a great choice.  You can scrub it.  My living room is red, the color is called Valentine.  When I painted it the colors were numbered. I never liked that but now they have names.  This paint has been on the walls 15 years.  It has been touched up once a few years ago and you can't tell where.  Sometimes when you touch up paint it never matches.  Ben Moore matches.  Dark paints take many coats because there is  a lot of pigment which demands more coats.  My red room took 3 coats.  It was a job but the payoff has been wonderful.  I still love the color all these years later.

Ben Moore has come out with a new paint called Aura.  The paint deck is called Benjamin Moore Affinity Colors.  The deck is designed so that every color in the deck goes together.  If you have trouble choosing colors, this is the deck for you.  You can turn the deck upside down and pick any three colors and they will go together.  Wow!  Your whole house can now blend together.  You can choose different colors and not worry if they look right together.  Even better than that, this paint goes on in one coat!  I've used it.  I love it.  I painted a medium blue room light blue in one coat.  This paint is not thick like the Aqua Velvet line so there is some getting used to it.  My advice is to paint one wall and then check that wall to make sure there are no runs.  Touch those up and proceed to the next wall.  I painted a wood changing table for my daughter in one coat and it looks great.  Yes, they make enamel.  One coat.  That is exciting!  If you have a color you love that is not in the affinity deck you can get it in Aura.  You can get any color. They will match color for you.  I know you are wondering, what does it cost.  Well, it is pricey.  $50.00 a gallon.  Consider that we are talking one coat.  Your time is worth something. The enamel is $18-20 a quart and it will go a long way.  I did two changing tables, and a door with half a quart.  One coat was beautiful.   Another wonderful feature is that Nicholasville paint has the sample jars of Aura you can purchase so you can try a color on your wall without committing big bucks.

Paint isn't all they have at Nicholasville Paint.  I love the Cabot deck stain.  Don't buy Thompson's, it doesn't hold a candle to Cabot, which will last twice as long.   Another product they carry is ZAR.  I bought a quart of fruitwood ZAR to redo my daughter's orange looking oak kitchen cabinets.  They are beautiful.  One coat and it looks like I stripped them and refinished.  Great product.

Chris Moore owns Nicholasville Paint and he has lots of nice people working in there to help you, including his Dad, who helped me with the ZAR.  Oh, I almost forgot.  If you buy something, they keep a copy of your receipt for 10 years, so when I went in there a few weeks ago wanting to know what product I used on my daughter's cabinets, they looked it up for me!  Now that's service.

Need carpet, laminate, linoleum, wallpaper?  They have it all and they will be competitive on their pricing.  They also install.  They do sell Porter and Pittsburgh paint but trust me, try Benjamin Moore.

Do you need your carpets, rugs or upholstery cleaned?  They have a new department that does all of that.
They took a bound carpet of mine to the store and worked on it and it looks new!  They also cleaned a used recliner I bought, and a braided pink area rug.  Everything came out great.  You won't have to worry about having some weird people in your house. The guys who do the carpet cleaning are very nice and professional.

No, they are not paying me.  I believe in supporting a business that gives you great service and products.

I like Lowes too, they have a great girl, Kenna Routt, that does kitchen planning and we've bought appliances there and of course hardware.  Spread the love,  go to Nicholasville Paint for paint, carpet, laminate, linoleum  and carpet cleaning.  They also carry brushes, rollers and etc.  It's important to get the right brush or roller for the job.  They can help you.  Tell them Linda Goepper sent you!

If you need to call to set up carpet cleaning the number is 885-4304.
Nicholasville Paint is located at 228 Wilson Drive in Nicholasville, KY  on the Bypass.

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