Monday, February 7, 2011

Update on Marlene

 I haven't had time to blog lately because I have been in the thick of things with Marlene's health.
First of all I think she will be fine, but the last two weeks has been very hard on her.  She had several trips to the emergency room and it looked like she wasn't going to have an appointment with the cardiology group for 4 to 6 weeks.  Can I just say that really stinks.  I mean these doctors see you in the hospital for 5 minutes and I am not kidding.  They send the nurse in with instructions that are wrong and then she has to call and get it straightened out.  Shouldn't the doctor see the patient before they leave the hospital and go over the diagnosis and the plan to handle it.  I won't name names but Marlene's family doctor stepped in and got her an appointment in two days with another cardiologist.  After two trips to the emergency room I think that was called for.

So this doctor was great.  He went over everything with her and he had already looked at her heart cath before the appointment.  None of this Hmm , now tell me what happened because I'm too busy to know who the heck you are.  Yes, I'm a little frustrated.  Finally though,  Marlene has a plan and is under very good care.  She will be ok.  I'm relieved.   I don't have any sisters so my friends are like my sisters and Marlene and I have been friends since 1rst grade.    God is good.  He gives us friends to help us through the trials and joys of life.  We've been through birth, death, and everything in between.  She is like an Aunt to the girls and now that she has two great niece's  and I have a granddaughter we are having a great time loving this new generation.  Life goes on.

  I know this will be hard for you young ones to understand because I didn't think this when I was young.  The truth is no matter how old you are you still feel like the same person you were  when you were young at least on the inside.  The body changes but who you are inside does not.   Marlene and I are the same girls who played with Barbies,  and jacks and doubled to our senior prom.  We were in each other's wedding,  She knew my Grandma's and I knew her Grandma and Great Aunt who lived with them.   We went to two high school reunions and swear we will never go to another one.  We've been there when loved ones have died.  We'll be there as we age.  While we are different in many ways we share a history of friendship that is priceless.   I love you Marlene.

                                                            Marlene and Sadie (my granddaughter)

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