Sunday, February 13, 2011

Booth 25

This is the beginning of Booth 25 at Twice As Nice,  a place where you can find almost anything.

The difference in my shop and Booth 25 is that I won't be there to greet you.  Maybe I'll run into you sometime when you are shopping at Twice as Nice.  As you can see from the pictures, I will be having Pashmina,  His Gem Baby Clothes and many other items.  That's what makes Twice As Nice so much fun,  you never know what you will find.  Prairie Kari Soap is also available at Booth 25.  

I will be making some baby towels for the booth too.  You can also give me a call or email me if you want to one.   Did you see the drum set thing in the above picture?  That is a Rock Band 2 for a Wii.
I also have a sweet baby swing for $20.00  

Above is a new offering from His Gem. It is a gift box with a onesie, a bib and a beautiful fish or heart rattle with a sweet jingle.  They are $20.00

Do you remember the stencil I had in the shop?  Here it is again in Booth 25.

I have a few things in the booth left from the shop and new things too.

I hope you will stop in soon at Twice As Nice and have a look at Booth 25. 
Enter the store and turn left after the cashier.  Then turn right down the next asile and Booth 25 is the 4th one on the left.  

My friend Charlotte has a booth too.  Turn left after the cashier and go straight and hers will be the third booth on the left that you will come to.

Twice As Nice has a nice clean restroom and a sweet friendly owner.  Bring your friends and have a nice time finding a treasure.  

Twice As Nice is Open every Day.
M-F 11-8
Sat 11-5
Sun 1-5

If you would like to email me with questions, comments or suggestions please do!

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  1. It looks wonderful. Very nice, though I am sure your customers will miss your friendly face and your gift-giving help.