Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Finishing Work

The kitchen is now open to the living room and we wanted the trim to match.  Miles and Kenny spent the last two days making the baseboards and trim to match.  These guys are really talented.  It's tedious work and it looks great.  I doubt my painting skills do it justice.  I painted a few base boards last night and quit after I knocked over a quart of paint on the finished floor.  Quick clean up.  Lesson learned.  Don't paint when you are tired.  Here are some pictures of the finish work.

                                  This is the living room trim they were matching.
                                                Miles and Kenny finishing the trim work.

                                                  Beautiful trim.

                       Miles does carpentry, finish work, decks, and we just found out he can do concrete too.
We give him our best recommendation!

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