Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Bathroom Color Is...

I have a hard time choosing a color.  I wanted gray for the bathroom.  Not blue gray, green gray, yellow gray, brown gray just gray.  Difficult to find.  Finally yesterday I realized my stairway is gray and I like the color, so I called Nicholasville Paint to see if they could look it up for me.  They file all the invoices by year and can look through and see what color you bought.  Talk about service!  So I got the card that the stairway gray was on and chose one a little darker.  It's called Silent Night.  Years ago Benjamin Moore just numbered colors but now they all have names.

The red paint and the gray are both Aura, by Benjamin Moore.  It's a paint and primer in one and we were able to paint the red in one coat.  I did the gray today in one coat too.  This was on bare new drywall.  Amazing paint.  It's expensive but the time savings is terrific.

Todd rented the sander from Home Depot and we started sanding the pine floor this evening.  Have to turn the sander back in tomorrow so we have another busy day ahead.

Here are some pictures:

      Next step.  Sand floors with great big rental sander.  More dust.  More Mess.

                                          Our pine kitchen floor, soon to be stained and poly.

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