Sunday, June 5, 2011

Next step in the renovation.

First can I say that if you are a handy person and can do home repair I think you could have a great business if you would do the following:  Arrive when you say you will.  Do what you say you will do.
Have a fair price.    Oh, and if you can't come one day-CALL THE PEOPLE AND LET THEM KNOW.  One more thing, answer your phone, return your calls.  Don't avoid people, it only makes the whole thing worse.  Tell the truth.  If you do these things word of mouth will keep you busy!  With That said.....

The drywall is done and that's all I have to say about that.  Now we move on to priming and painting walls and staining the floor.  In the midst of all this we planned a yard sale.  What were we thinking?  Oh, well,  that's over and we got to spend time with Sarah, Bryan and Sadie and get rid of some stuff.  Our middle one is home for the summer and to say she was shocked by the chaos at home is an understatement.  Laura is a neat nick and to live with dust and mess is really hard for her.  It's not forever.  I'm also planning a surprise 80th birthday for my mom.  Timing is everything!  (It's not at out house!)  

My task ahead is to prime and paint the drywall (walls and ceiling) and stain the new unfinished pine floor.  The hard part is picking out the colors.  I've driven the paint store guys crazy but they've been great. (Nicholasville Paint) The physical difficulty is trying to do all of this with my 50 something body.   Soreness and Ibuprofen to come.    This kind of renovation really tests a family.  It's hard to live in a mess and try to function.  I keep hoping everyone can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I can see it.  I hope I never get so uptight about my house that I would sacrifice a relationship in the process.  Should we obsess about a mess and dust and drive ourselves crazy trying to have everything perfect?  I don't think so. (Of course, I'm not a neat nick) A true friend will share the joy in the process and encourage you.  I'm lucky to have that.  

I went down to Harrodsburg yesterday to see the paint sample of the cabinets we are getting.  They are coming from Heirloom Furniture.  David is the rep for Amish cabinets.  Ours are white with a black glaze.  The door will have an outside edge like the cream one and an inside panel like the white one. 
The Amish will be delivering and installing.  I'm so excited about that.  They will be installed June 14th so I've go to get busy!!!!!!!!!!

This is David from Heirloom Furniture.  They have beautiful furniture,  lawn furniture, wooden toys and clocks.   The showroom is at 3008 Louisville Rd. , Harrodsburg Ky.  (that's 127  My friend Jill told me about it.  She has bought some beautiful furniture there.)  The showroom is only open Thur-Sat. 
I would call first.  859-865-4393

Did I mention we're on a diet too!  Todd has lost 26 pounds and 25 for me.  Todd is already off one medication.  That's the goal, to get off most of them.  Dieting together has made it easier.

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