Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A beautiful walk.

This fall as I was walking to work one day I thought I would take some pictures. It's a half mile walk filled with pretty trees and houses and seminary and university buildings. I got some pictures and that weekend was planning to go to my friend's house to can applesauce all day.  As it turned out there was black ice on the steps and I fell and fractured my arm.   I fractured the small bone in my calf about five years ago and while that was painful and took a while to recover it was nothing compared to an arm.  Did you know you need your arm to get out of a chair?  It's amazing how all our limbs work together. It was my left arm and that was a huge blessing.   I have a new appreciation for my arms and how they work together and have a new empathy for people I see with a cast or sling.  It's been three months and I'm still doing the therapy to try to get my arm back to normal.  It will come but it takes time.  Anyway, this morning we had a beautiful wet snow that disappeared by afternoon.  I took some pictures on my way to work so here are the fall and winter pics.
                                              Asbury University

                                                     Estes Chapel  Asbury Seminary

 These are two giant gingko trees at the seminary.  The leaves turn a glorious yellow and then fall off the tree in one day.  I missed it this year but enjoy them even now with no leaves.

                                                        Up the hill to my house.

                                                            My house.

I hope you noticed the beautiful green grass of fall and winter.  That is very unusual here but we just finished a record year of rain in the bluegrass area thus the green grass.

                                                      Dr. Corbitt's house.

                                                       The new Wilmore Christmas Tree

                                                 Here are the gingkos with no leaves.

                                                    Estes Chapel

 This is the kind of show I like, wet, heavy and melted by evening.  No school cancellation and no road problems.  I can handle that.

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