Saturday, May 21, 2011

Demolition is Done

Five full days and we are finally done with the demolition.  We had extra hands on Friday as Marylee was home to help us.  We are all whipped and very sore.  I'm not sure what people charge for demolition but we feel like we saved a lot of money by doing this part ourselves.  The best part is that Todd and I are still on speaking terms.  We had a few moments here and there but we survived it!  We are still weeks away from completion but the hard part for us is over.  Have a look.

 There will be a half wall between the living room and kitchen.

 New plumbing for the upstairs bathroom.  Didn't want the ancient plumbing to burst on the new kitchen.
 Hiding behind the cabinets the last of the school bus yellow of the previous owner.
 We are down to the kitchen sink which is also our bathroom sink. That's a mirror above the sink so we can see ourselves when we brush our teeth.

                                                            Downstairs bath next to kitchen.
                                                Looking into kitchen from bathroom.
        We were hoping for nice wood but it is ancient linoleum stuck to plywood.
                                          When was this color popular?
In case you were wondering, the refrigerator is in the living room.  At least it's not on the porch!

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