Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Kitchen Saga Continues

The carpentry crew came Monday morning and began the process of adding beams and a new ceiling below the new plumbing.  It was very interesting seeing the beams go in.  I have a great appreciation for people who know what they are doing.  This crew built our deck a few years ago and we had a lot of confidence in them because of that.  Since I mostly have conversations with women it is amusing to observe these guys deciding how they are going to do something.  I admire that they all discuss it and then proceed.  No one seems to get their feelings hurt because their idea wasn't chosen!  They work well together and tell stories of comical things that have happened in the past.

This crew doesn't like "band-aids".  Doing things the right way and taking pride in their work is a quality they have and that seems a rare thing today.  They also don't seem to mind stupid questions and I know I have ask many.   Miles is the leader, soft spoken and with a dry sense of humor , he keeps the group on track and has the final say without being a dictator.   If someone else has a better idea he goes along.  In my mind that is a true leader.

Kevin is funny and the social one.  He likes to cook and tell stories.  He is taking the old cabinets to eastern Kentucky to help people there through his church.  He's had a few falls on jobs and the others like to tease him about it, but he takes it in stride.

 Kenny understands the total picture and reminds the group of important things like the effects of jacking something up or tearing something out.  I think he is a great asset to the team.

  Scotty is the youngest and does what he is told.  He respects the older guys and how wonderful to have three mentors to work with.   Scotty has worked out in Las Vegas and is back home in Kentucky.

 I have full confidence that the job is being done correctly.

Here are some pictures of the beams and ceiling.

Marylee is standing in the kitchen and the living room is open behind her.

Zuzu must be wondering what in the world is going on.  She almost looks gray from all the dust.

These guys will be finished on Thursday.  We are a long way from the end and the dust settling.

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