Saturday, May 28, 2011

Insulation is itchy.

It looks like this is the last cool day we will have so Todd and I got the insulation between the studs to make way for the dry wall people on Tuesday.  We wore masks but we were both feeling really itchy when we were done.  This should help on our heating and air conditioning bills as there was no insulation on the out side wall of the kitchen.  The clap board on the house is only 1/2 inch think so no wonder the kitchen was hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

We ran into a few snags with the floor in the kitchen.  Remember I said every job causes ten jobs.  We decided to take up the plywood in one area of the kitchen and underneath was layers of scrap wood and then finally a old porch floor.  Once you discover a problem you pretty much have to fix it so we now have a new pine floor in the kitchen and bath.  I never realized that the floor had dips in it until now.  The new floor is so straight and sturdy.  My friend Stephanie suggested we have the guys move a floor register that was in a strange place so while the floor was taken up it was discovered that the pipe going to that register wasn't even connected.  Yikes.  Enter heating and air conditioning men.  Remember, 10 jobs.  Well, that's all done and everything is working but we won't be able to have the air on all next week because the dry wall people will be here.  We will cover up the vents and place plastic so that we cut off the area as best a possible.  This will surely be the worst dust of all.  Everything is already coated, it will just be a different color!  

The electric was roughed in and for the first time we have a light in the shower!  It will be nice to be able to see better in the kitchen and bath.  The electric guys were great, and when everything else is done they'll be back to put all the fixtures together and hang them.  That's almost too good to be true.

Here are some current pictures:

                                               The beginnings of the new floor.
                                                              New floor.
                                                           Makeshift kitchen sink.
                                          Insulation over the eating area.                            
                                             First time this wall has been insulated.
                                                           New light in the shower.

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