Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Plumbing work is dirty.

In the long saga of our kitchen redo plumbing is dirty but not the dirtiest.  Spring break Todd and I tore down the dropped ceiling in the kitchen and we were so dirty I wouldn't dare show the pictures.

The last two days our plumber has replaced the plumbing that hung at the top of the kitchen ceiling.  It's the upstairs bathroom plumbing.  We couldn't bear to think about getting new cabinets and having the plumbing burst in the kitchen.  Every job you do in an old house causes 10 jobs.  So after two days the job is finished and it looks great.  Back to the 10 jobs.  If you are replacing the bathroom plumbing shouldn't you replace the old fixtures,  especially if they are 1928 water wasters?  We didn't want one of those super water savers that have to be flushed twice, so we got the same toilet we have downstairs which is an American Standard that is guaranteed to flush 28 golf balls.  Enough said about that.  This is a great toilet, my only complaint is the crummy plastic handle on the one downstairs broke after 6 months.  To avoid that again we bought a metal handle.  The vanity is wood with a porcelain sink and quite an improvement from the 1928 cast iron 100 pound rusty sink.  Ten jobs,  patch drywall, repaint, change out the lighting. need I say more.  It's always something when it comes to home ownership and an old house ramps that up 10 fold.

Next the electrician to move the outlets and etc.  The saga continues.  Here are some pictures.

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  1. I love your sink and the plumbing looks great. I really like porcupine sinks, very clean and fresh looking.